My Maritime Tour (a new beginning)

 photo courtesy of Stephen Andrews

photo courtesy of Stephen Andrews

I am about to do something I have not tried in 20 years; get in a van and drive around the Maritimes singing my songs and hoping for the best. I am much older now but obviously no less optimistic and while I am certain the upcoming weekend will be hard on my weary bones,  I have great confidence in the Good People of New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia. 

This is where it all Began.

The first great Leap of Faith landed us on the well worn ale soaked floor of the Lower Deck. We worked really hard and we won the peoples hearts and I will try now to repeat my former success. Only this time instead of just winning your hearts, I will endeavour to show you mine.  

I feel like I am finally coming back home after being a very long time away.

and I look forward to getting to know you all over again

here is where you will find me:

16th Mt. Stewart PEI Trailside Inn

17th Moncton NB Tide and Boar

18th Florenceville-Bristol NB CVARTS

19th Halifax NS The Carleton



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