jan 10th 2014 (by way of explanation)

I just want to say thanks for all the well wishes. It really does mean a lot. I am just trying to find my own way and your patience and enthusiasm is really "helpful".

Some of you have asked about the difference between The two versions of the "record".

The Unlimited edition consists of one 33:31 minute long wave file that will play uninterrupted. It is essentially one long track with all the songs blended together to best tell the whole story. It also includes all my original demo's for the song so you can see how the story evolved.

...and it has a lot of pharmaceuticals on the cover.

"help your self" is a bit more straight up with the the album cracked into separate tracks so you can have the freedom to press "shuffle".

I hope this helps.


I am really enjoying this.

Sean McCannComment