Q and A (feb. 3rd 2014)

There have been a lot of questions asked of me over the past 5 days and I have endeavoured to answer them all Truthfully.
I do notice some lingering queries here on the old FB so I thought I should offer up these clarifications:

I have No plans to create a physical CD version of "Help Your Self". Apologies, I just don't see the value in Compact Disc's anymore. I would very much like to press these songs into Vinyl if and when I recoup my album expenses. Plaskett is not cheap but you get what you pay for and he was worth every penny. I am happy and encouraged to say that we are almost half way there....Not too shabby for day 5 on a digital release.

Likewise, I have no intention of dropping my songs into iTunes anytime soon. The BandCamp experiencewww.greatbigsean.com has been extremely positive so far. I can upload any file size i prefer and even pick my own price. Not only that, I know exactly how many recordings I have sold and to whom. Most of you actually paid more than I asked for and almost all of you Wished me Well in a note. This is extremely motivating. I feel more engaged Now than I have in a very long time and I'd like to Thank You All very much for that.

There have been a lot of requests and questions about touring and I have to say that I am currently in no real hurry to hit the road. I just got off the hardest tour of my Life and am still in Recovery...and it's really friggin cold out. I anticipate the old itch may return as the snow melts and I will be happy to entertain any offer that seems interesting and/or makes sense.

In the meantime, the best way to "help the cause" is to continue spreading the word as far and as wide as possible. I am thrilled with the response to these songs so far and want mainly for them to continue to travel....and, of course, connect.

There really is a little movie about the making of this Music and I am going to share it with you right here next Saturday. You will find many more questions answered there....and some more asked....

My favourite colour is Green.

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