Stronger (jan.30th 2014)

I have done a lot of talking about My Self this week. Where I am....Where I was....and Why?...and with each conversation I have managed to come away feeling a little bit lighter. 
I have also been doing a lot of listening and I feel like I am learning from what You have to say. These songs seem to be connecting on a very real emotional level with You and "Help Your Self" is starting to sound more like "Help Our Selves".

When we first went into the studio, I told Joel Plaskett that this was either going to be my first "real" record....or my Last. 

Because of all your incredible support, today I asked him to make room in his very busy schedule for me in early 2015.

Here is my first ever live performance of "Stronger"


see also for my first ever live performance of Help Your Self

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