the Movie about the Making of the Music

Good morning Good People!

between backyard hockey and soccer coaching my day is about to take off so i thought i should say a few words about what is yet to come.

Help Your Self (the Movie about the making of the Music) is a documentary about how these new songs came to light and, perhaps more importantly... Why.

It runs 31 minutes and 40 seconds and rely's heavily on studio antics and actual performances to tell My story. The tale is glued together by 2 separate conversations: one in the woods with my good friend and extremely credible music journalist Matt Wells (M3/MuchMoreMusic) and one sat at the studio desk in New Scotland Yard with my co-conspirator Joel Plaskett (Rock and Roll monster). Both of these conversations occurred last summer when I was in the middle of the hardest tour of my life and trying to make sense of it All. 

I was still very Raw.

I made the film while sitting on the Great Big tour bus and the process provided me with some necessary perspective and much needed relief.

I just watched it again for the first time in months and it made me laugh.... and cry a little bit....

I really hope you like it.

Warning: this film may contain Moments of Truth....and some "Stronger" language. 

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