Warm Hearts

Last Saturday (feb.22nd) I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a selection of Newfoundland's best songwriters for the purpose of raising money for www.iriskirbyhouse.nf.net

It is a great cause and I did have a lot of fun. It was especially nice to meet some new friends (kris Kirby, Ian Foster, Linda Boyd) and reacquaint with some old (Mary Barry, Chris Andrews), but the highlight of the evening for me was definitely watching the hysterical interaction between long time co-conspirators Mark Critch and Shaun Majumder. Many comedy teams tend to lose their edge over time but these guys just seem to be getting sharper. I look forward to working with them again this summer on "Majumder Manor" ( www.shaunmajumder.com ) in Shaun's native Burlington (Newfoundland not Vermont/Ontario).

Here's a little clip from the "Warm Hearts" concert :

Iris Kirby House helps women and children in crisis.

Please do whatever you can to help them.




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