How do you spell "R-e-l-i-e-f" ?


The weather here in St. John's is absolutely indefensible. We have seen very little of the Sun since last summer and when it does show up it's enough to skin you out. I always start taking dangerous amounts of Vitamin D after Christmas in an effort to kick back at the Winter Blues but that begins to wear off about now so we have been forced to resort to "Stronger" medicine. Today, I am truly Happy to say, I went to Leo's with my big little brother Glenn and you wouldn't be able to smack the smile off my face with a shovel.


This is The Good Stuff...the Buzz that doesn't wear off for days...and I am not referring only to Debbie's excellent gravy. Sliding into a warm booth at Leo's with your brother on a cold, damp, godforsaken St. John's day is truly medicine for the soul.

I hope my Heart will forgive me.

Sean McCannComment