I am away.


 a revolution of peace (photo by Jenny Stamm

a revolution of peace (photo by Jenny Stamm


Not on tour....not on business....but away.

The events of the past 12 months have been revelational and I need to try to make some sense of it all and find out where I am going "Next". I have learned from a million miles of van drives that the first important step in finding one's true destination is admitting that you are Lost. The second step is often asking for Help.  

"Help Your Self" is my line in the sand and a catalyst for change. My revolution has begun and  I know that nothing will ever be the same again and I believe that is a good thing.

Having said that, I turned on my TV last night and was shocked at the events unfolding in Ukraine. Once again the mighty have chosen to dominate the meek and Olympic ideals are..... last week.

My heart goes out to the suffering, the intimidated, and the afraid. 

I am fortunate that my personal struggle is peaceful and I will not take this opportunity to change my life for granted. By exercising my right to choose my own path, I am living a luxury that most people on this planet can ill afford.

I want to work towards changing that reality.......whatever i do "Next".



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