Fellow Self Helpers,

It's been just over two months since "Help Your Self" had it's first dance and I am happy to report that things are still swinging over here @ If we are not careful, this little piece of pure independence might very soon actually pay for it's Self and that, in the current unreality of today's "music industry", is quite an accomplishment. You should all be very proud of Your Selves and thank you very much indeed for the incredible support.

What normally happens now is "the artist" (moi) hops in his van and beats it out across the country singing himself silly in an attempt to sell CD's that nobody really needs anymore. While there has been no shortage of offers (thank you all very much but I am very happily married) and even some money, I have elected to remain home for the time being. 

Two Reason's: 

1) My final tour with GBS was far too painful and while I expect to eventually make a full recovery, I still have much rehabilitative work to do (and this is all part of that). 

2) I am not compelled. The next time I set foot on a stage it will be for all the right reasons (and I am still trying to sort those out). 

"Help Your Self" was more than just a new record. It was my line in the sand. The flag for my own personal Revolution (evolution with an R), and the beginning of my brand new life. I have decided not to settle for less. I will instead try to make the real changes necessary for my own true peace and happiness. I know this won't be easy....but I am not afraid anymore.

So what next? 

Now we focus on "discoverability" 

discover |disˈkəvər|verb [ with obj. ]1 find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search:firemen discovered a body in the debris | she discovered her lover in the arms of another woman.• become aware of (a fact or situation): the courage to discover the truth and possibly be disappointed | [ with clause ] : it was a relief to discover that he wasn't in.• be the first to find or observe (a place, substance, or scientific phenomenon): Fleming discovered penicillin early in the twentieth century.• perceive the attractions of (an activity or subject) for the first time: a teenager who has recently discovered fashion.• be the first to recognize the potential of (an actor, singer, or musician): I discovered the band back in the mid 70's

To that end we open the gates a little further so that no one who is searching shall not be able to find what they need:



I admit to being a little bit conflicted about this. I would much prefer to sell my music on my own site where I can see every transaction and remain fully engaged in the process. But iTunes is where almost everyone else on the planet shops for music and perhaps some of them will "be the first to recognize" my "potential". Who knows? Certain I am not but this feels like the right next move to me. 

There is still so much to Discover.

much luv


Sean McCannComment