Hold Me Mother

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There is no way to quantify a Mother's Love. It is given freely and without condition to the ultradependent who, in turn, suck it up greedily with no concern for sustainability. ( Maybe that is why we refer to this planet as "Mother Earth" ? )

Any way you cut it, raising children is a tricky cake to bake and the Matriarchal side of the business is the hardest bit by far. I have witnessed my beautiful wife Andrea do things for our boys that I would never be willing or able to suffer. She is the one who stays up all night when they are sick. She is the one who satisfies their ridiculously fussy appetites. She is the one who makes sure they show up to school on time .... with clothes on .... and she is the one who can hug away every pain (real or imagined). She is their Mother and her Compassion knows no bounds. They have no idea how difficult their lives would be without her and I hope they never find out.

I'm a very slow learner, but after almost a decade of being a father I believe I can say this with some certainty :

No Dad can ever Love a child like a Mom.

Mother's of the world I salute you.

...and I hope you have a very happy day.

much luv


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