The Places that Scare Me

 i fell for easter seals on august 2nd 2014

i fell for easter seals on august 2nd 2014

I have spent the better part of the last few weeks getting ready… trying to prepare my self for the road that lies ahead. I am awash in plane tickets, rental cars, and hotel rooms and trying to remember all the words.

Released on January 29th “Help Your Self”  Is not a baby any more and it is time she took her first steps way out there in the Great Big World….alone.



This was not an easy Summer but I did learn a lot from some very solid and sincere people. One of these lessons came as easy as falling off a tall building:



I have spent far too long afraid. From now on I will walk slowly and deliberately towards those places that scare me the most. I will lean in close and learn their secrets. I will let them see my face and I will show no fear. 

Sooner or later we All must Fall.

It's how we get back up that shows what we are really made of.

I would like to thank my new friends at for teaching me how to be brave and for helping me help my self.

and I look forward to all the new friends I am about to make

see you out there



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