Moving Forward

This past weekend changed my life forever.  

Surrounded by support and understanding I was finally able to face a Truth that lay buried deep inside me beneath layers of denial for over thirty years. At age 16, I was assaulted by my priest; a man who had spent years endearing himself into my family and whom I considered to be my best friend. The betrayal was complete and I began to use alcohol as an anesthetic to help control my pain. I quickly became dependent and have spent the greater part of my adult life trying to hide my shame in a bottle.

I am not hiding anymore.

I am taking back what was stolen from me: my innocence, my confidence, and my trust....and I am not alone.

Meet my new friend Paulie O'Byrne:

 paulie and me (2 in 10)

paulie and me (2 in 10)

It was Paulie's brave words along with those of fellow survivor Tiffany Rose spoken at The Recovery Breakfast in London Ontario last friday that finally inspired me to share my own Truth and release the demons that have followed me around for far too long.

I am free ..... and moving forward.




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