Set Me Free

It has been a long time coming, but "Freedom" has finally arrived and for me it came in the form of a Song. 

I wrote this last spring while holed up in a Nautilus shaped cabin in the Leighton Artist Colony of the venerable Banff Centre. The weather had been miserable. Wet and extremely cold....Perfect for Songwriting. I remember looking out my window and wondering if the bears had woken up yet from their long Winter's sleep...or if they continued to slumber beneath the raging mountain winds....and I felt bad for them. 

Sometimes Waking Up can be very hard, especially when you know that adversity awaits just outside your door. We All want to avoid suffering and be Happy, but we know that the rains of spring must be endured before we can feel the warmth and comfort of summer.

I was hiding in my own cave for a very long time... Lost in the middle of Nowhere....but i finally managed to Crawl Out because I believe that Love is out there somewhere ... and that only Love can really Set Us Free.

Sean McCannComment