Mind Made Up

Changing a mind is not always an easy thing to do. People can quickly become very attached to their opinions and are often reluctant to let go long enough to listen to another side…but even if we hate to admit it, there always is another side. The problem, I believe, is Pride. 

I take things very personally. When someone disagrees with me, I tend to instinctively see them as a threat; a challenge to overcome. This weakness has cost me a few friends along the way but I like to think that I am learning from my mistakes as I slowly continue to grow up. Today I work very hard to be mindful of others and I try to keep my ears and my ideas open. But somedays my own obstinance still catches me off guard and I am like an old dog on a bone; ready to bite for what I believe to be right…and mine.


I am also learning to accept those minds I cannot change. When someone shows me who they really are, it is best for me to believe them even if I don’t like what I see. We all have our own Truth to live and conflict is never constructive. New worlds are not found by sailing into the wind, but by cutting lines …. and starting again.

Changing a mind can be very hard, but I am trying …. with all my heart.

Sean McCann3 Comments