Rise and Fall

Way back when the earth was still flat, Fogo Island was believed to be one of it’s four corners. Even though we now embrace the theory of a “spherical world”, Fogo still more than lives up to it’s dangerous reputation as being out there on the Edge.  A Last Chance...the very End of The Line.

In late November of last year I found my self holding in a heart full of songs and set about finding a suitably unruly spot to set them loose. I believe in the specific energy of Places and, in the past, have relied heavily on the constant invisible motion of the Rocky Mountains to shape the delivery of my work. If Newfoundland is a powerful place, then Fogo Island is the distillation of that particular kind of Might. The point at which the atom splits….a nucleus in reaction. 

I was granted sanctuary in Tilting’s “squish studio” by the Shorefast Foundation. I dragged my weapons up and over the rocks. I worked for 16 hours a day for 4 days with only a boiling cauldron of waves for company. The Wind never dropped below 100km/h and I never saw the Sun. I felt small but my focus was intense; constant and relentless…like the Sea.

Fogo taught me that anything worth having is worth fighting for and that Resistance is a clear sign that you are heading in the right direction. Her people exist in Defiance of the many odds against them and I am grateful to have shared in at least a little of The Challenge they daily face.

Push   Pull   In   Out

Thank you Fogo for showing me what it really means to be Strong.

and for giving me this song. 

Sean McCannComment