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Marriage is hard.  Anyone who says differently is either a liar or not married.  

I first heard this song maybe a year and a half ago.  Séan was somewhere (on tour) doing something (probably trying to nap or eat) and we had to figure out something (probably having to do with our kids or his schedule or the house….super glamorous stuff), and we were FaceTiming.  Aaahhh technology.  Anyway – I was telling, yes TELLING Séan the exact steps he had to take in order to “fix” whatever it was we were talking about.  I remember being very adamant about what it was he had to do.  Very.  Adamant.  So adamant in fact that I was holding the phone with one hand, looking at him through FaceTime and pointing and waving my finger at him with the other hand.  Try it.  Its kind of hard to have your face and your waving finger in the same frame of a small iPhone.  But it was imperative to me that he saw and understood the vehemence of my waving finger.  That waving finger, and the emphasis of my voice should have given Séan some idea of how very serious I was that he follow my advice (or instructions) to a T.  Anyway, I vaguely remember him placating me with some general head nods and unenthusiastic  yes’ and thinking the situation was over and resolved, I proceeded to get off the phone patting myself on the back for another crisis averted due to my unending wisdom.  

God he’s a lucky man.   

Not more than 5 minutes later I got this song.

Message received.

Marriage is hard.  

But in my humble opinion, humor and patience are two vital ingredients to make the hard, hardly noticeable.

Andrea Aragon  aka   "Little Miss Know-It-All"

 photographed by Dave Howells

photographed by Dave Howells

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