You Know I Love You

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What would you say to the people you Love most if you knew it would be your last chance to speak to them ? Would you ask about the bills that need to be paid or the leaky window that needs fixing….or the election? I often get distracted by the little things in life that annoy me and  forget about what is really important.

I wrote this song in the middle of a deep emotional sea. Everything in my life was changing and I was searching for something solid to hold onto….something much stronger than my self. I found it in my family…and it’s name is LOVE.

If I knew I was leaving this world tomorrow…this is what I would say today :

To Andrea (my beautiful wife) :  I Love you. Thank You for our beautiful boys and for your unrelenting faith in me. 

To Keegan and Finnegan (my beautiful boys) : I Love You. Thank you for bringing me back into this world.

To Dad and Mom (my loving parents) : I Love You. Thank you for giving me this gift of Life.

To Glenn and Kevin (my little brothers) : I Love You. I hope I was a good big brother.

To every friend I have ever had and may have lost along the way (you know who you are) :  I Love You. Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me.

This Life is short but I believe that Love can last forever … and Love is all I want to leave behind. 

So if you Love someone, let them know … before it’s too late.



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