This Life is an Ocean of Love


I wrote this song for my old friend and former bandmate Alan Doyle.

We were out drinking way too much at the Belly Up Tavern in Aspen Colorado after a very poorly attended show at The Wheeler Opera House. It was March 14th 2010 (our annual St. Patrick’s week always failed greedy attempt at the american green beer cash grab) and the rift in our relationship was already rearing it’s ugly, angry head. I really can’t remember much about the details or who started the row but the next morning I woke up all scratches and dents and I knew that our growing frustration with each other had unfortunately gotten physical. Alan called and asked me what happened (his memory apparently as impaired as my own) and we both apologized to each other profusely and decided to gather for a walk once our respective raging hangovers subsided enough to withstand the glare of the mountain sun.

We later found our severely dehydrated selves in the John Denver Sanctuary down by the Roaring Fork River laughing off our foolish altercation and letting the spring air repair our rum soaked hearts. The slow moving river soothed us both and I remember feeling warm.

Much has happened between now and then and not all of it has been good but I will always remember the peace I felt that day down by the river walking with my friend…working to overcome our differences…willing to forgive.

This Life is an Ocean of Love. Let every Heart Rise Above.




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