A New Year Has Begun

Hello ... from the other side  (sorry, couldn't resist that) 

After a completely unplugged Christmas I have been back at my desk for the past 3 weeks working away to ensure that 2016 will be my BEST year ever.  Aside from the cutting out of Cake (except birthdays and emergencies) I really didn't make any "resolutions" but I did manage to come to some important conclusions and I thought now might be a good time to share them with you all. 

Last year I did 40 shows and I learned from every one of them. First Lesson: I LOVE to SING! With the help of Aaron Low www.thevoiceclinic.com  and Dr. Manish Shah my pipes are back at full on "shantyman" strength. This year my goal is to do 50 shows and we are already off to a great start.  If you haven't already done so, please go have a look at my new and improved "Upcoming Events". Along with my vocal cords, my "agency" and "managerial" muscles have also grown stronger. We CAN do this. So please stay tuned...there will be many more shows to come.

2015 saw me engage with a variety of people I would never have encountered on a typical Tour and I am very grateful for these opportunities to share my Truth. Here is just a small example of what I have to say:

I find these speaking engagements very rewarding and have decided to make them more of a priority for me in 2016. Music is Strong Medicine and it continues to sustain me as I move forward every day. I feel like I am doing good work here and I want to do more so I have refocused this website on the two things I now am : SPEAKER/SONGWRITER.  I look forward to seeing you "out there" this year in either capacity and sharing my heart with you.

I have also finally figured out how to use MailChimp and am now endeavouring to rebuild my old mailing list to keep in closer contact with all my "good people". So in exchange for your email, I will give you this cool new unreleased song I wrote and recorded with my good friend Joel Plaskett:

The Song is called "Waste My Time", but I promise not to waste yours.

2015 was perhaps the busiest year we, as a family, will ever likely experience but I finally feel like we are back on the right path and that all of our great big changes have been for the better...

Thank You Everyone for continuing to listen and singalong

much love and more to come