If i had to pick one word to describe 2016 it would be "FAST". Much of my time was invested in building on my DIY small business model  . I worked really hard and overall i am very encouraged by the results of my Recovery Tour. Perhaps my most significant growth was onstage with the Autumn addition of celtic instrumentalist and wicked singer Chris (not the dude from sloan) Murphy.

 just too dudes...

just too dudes...

Chris's contribution to my ever evolving onstage experience has been all positive and i feel lucky that my heart has opened up enough to let a new friend in .... and hear harmony again.

Some old friends came back into play this year as well. My quick Canada Day  collaboration with former tour mate Jeremy Fisher went so well that we have now decided to do more together in the new year. . Tracking Begins in Calgary at the National Music Centre   so please say tuned for some new "Séan Songs" when the snow melts.

The biggest lesson i learned this year (and there were many to choose from)  is that the very best version of my self exists on the stage lifting people's spirits by leading them in song. This is what i love to do most in life and i never want to lose it. To that end i have invested thousands of hours answering emails and issuing contracts. Eventually i will be singing in a small theatre or town hall near you. But. all this googling has taken some toll on my own mental health (not to mention my eyesight) and i feel that now i really need to take a break from the many screens that seem to have me surrounded. This Christmas i am giving my self the gift of "unplugging". After i post this message i will be turning off my computer and refocusing on my family for the holidays. So thank you ALL for your continued love and support. 

and Merry Christmas Everyone! 

I'll see you on the other side



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