I had just arrived in Alberta for my annual writing expedition at The Banff Centre when the Fire started. As the images flooded out of Fort McMurray my emotions ran from fear to despair but then I saw this huge national outpouring of Love and support and I knew that together we would get through this. Music is powerful medicine and I sincerely hope that in some small way my song will act as a thank you to the many thousands of Canadians who answered the call and continue to encourage the good people of Alberta on their ongoing road to Recovery. It is during times of great hardship that we are able to show what we are truly made of and I have never been more Proud to be a Canadian.

Thank You Jeremy Fisher for producing the song , The Canadian Red Cross for all you do, and my fellow Canadians for always being there for each other.



 two Proud Canadians

two Proud Canadians

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