Gonna pop the hood and take a look inside

What I love about “Get Behind You” is that it’s a sincerely heartfelt love ballad, admitting that you messed up and promising your true and undying devotion, but it’s not all sappy and sad and self loathing. It’s the opposite. It’s totally happy and sunny and full of promise and a bright and loving future. It’s like driving along a sunny highway, the shuffle beat and hand claps rolling the song along, the cheerful rhythm guitar along for the ride, with the flutes poking through, like yellow hearted daisies.

It’s full of true blue promises, hence the colour. You’ve gotten past the mistake. Your heart has already changed. You’re at the awesome part of the apology where you’re ready to admit it and really be different. I love the line “Broken hearts hurt more than bones. Life aint worth living when you’re driving all alone.” You have been through the worst of it, you’ve learned from it and you’re ready to get on with it. It’s so optimistic. I think my favourite part of the song is the outro where the sassy background singer is belting out “Get behind you! Get, get behind you!” And you’re singing along “Do do do do,” with a smile on your face. I can just see you, driving off in your car, your lady by your side, hand in hand ready to face the future together.

This guy is so sorry. He picked those daisies from the side of the road on his way over for you because he thinks of you all the time. He regrets his actions. But he’s happy. He’s a new man (dog). His past isn’t going to rule his future. He’s taking charge and making some changes for the better. And he’s gonna love you like you’ve never been loved before.”
— Meaghan Smith