Written very late one night while out in the woods with my friend Paul Lamb, this litany of images is intended to provoke the listener into feeling the enormous sense of dread that suffocates a relationship on the verge of imminent collapse. It is a dark and desperate place full of shadows and in retrospect, at the time of it's writing, a place I had become far too familiar with. 

Intensely personal, this is a story without a narrative relying completely upon pictures to get the message across. A storyboard warning from the back of my mind to all of us who were foolish enough to fuck with karma and then try to walk away. 

Lies Kill Love.


There's a north wind blowin 
In the air tonight 
I can feel it the pale moonlight 
There's a blackbird flying 
Across the sky 
Blood on his wing 
and Fear in his eye 
There's a mad dog barking 
At my back door 
He's taking names 
and Keeping score 
Just like you... 
and your 
Stone Cold Heart 

There's a white flag hanging 
Across the mast 
The ghost of Love 
That couldn't last 
Theres a fire burned out 
In a broken Heart 
Over a bridge 
Thats ripped apart 
There’s a dark horse racing 
At a runaway train 
He knows he ain’t coming back again... 
Just like you... 
and your 
Stone Cold Heart 

words unspoken 
that look in your eyes 
our love is frozen 
in lies 

there's a rib cage waiting 
for a rusty knife 
there's a baby fighting 
for it’s life 
there's a blind man drowning 
across the bay 
a black bat broken 
in an empty cave 
there's a rumour out there 
running wild 
she's dressed to kill 
and right in style 
just like you… 
and your 
Stone Cold Heart