Your just a lonely girl afraid to face your heart

As soon as I heard “Little Miss Know-It-All” I thought of this pissed off kitten we used to have when I was a little girl. Affectionately known as ‘Boots’ because of her ginger coat and white paws, she was sweet and adorable and ridiculously fluffy, but you wouldn’t want to cross her......ever.

One time I was sitting on the steps by our front door, watching her bounce her way towards me the way kittens do. She bounded passed the full length mirror that covered the coat closet and her reflection scared her. But instead of going after the mirror, she turned on me! I was just an innocent bystander, but no one was safe when her pride was hurt. Ears back and claws out, she came at me swinging as though I was the culprit. Her eyes flashed the most emerald green and her orange fur seemed to buzz with electricity. What a spitfire! When she was done attacking me she spent most of the rest of the day hiding under the piano. She knew she had been wrong, and she knew I knew. But she couldn’t bring herself to make amends. Boots wasn’t big on admitting she was wrong.

I have been there. I’ve been that kitten who lashes out and then has to hide under the piano out of shame. It takes a lot of guts to own up to yourself and eat some humble pie. This line sums it up perfectly: “You’re just a little girl frightened in the dark, you’re just a little girl afraid to face your heart.”

I’m still working on that too.
— Meaghan Smith