Watch my old ways fall apart...

On My Way feels like you’re greeting a storm the way you would an old friend. You’re embracing the storm and giving it a kiss on both cheeks.

I love the lyric “Let the wind wash over me.” I have done this. I went and stood outside on the lawn of my apartment building during hurricane Juan for a few minutes. Stupid, yes. But so amazing. The storm was just so alluring. At first it was terrifying and exhilarating. The sky was an unearthly twisting orange. Trees were bending in half. It was wild. I let the wind whip my hair all over my face, pull at my clothes, tear around my body, almost to the point where I felt like it would lift me up and take me away. I just stood there as the wind screamed in my ears and tore and raged at everything. And the weirdest thing happened. I felt this incredible peace come over me. I realized, there was no point in fighting against this storm. I couldn’t control it. It was funny for me to even imagine that I ever could. It was a huge and powerful force, and I was, a comparatively tiny, normal, human girl, and it was all good.

I wanted to express this moment in the painting for On My Way. That moment of peace I felt in the middle of a hurricane.

I also wanted to paint a horse, not only because they are beautiful and wild like a storm, but because sometimes I think that people who live the way you have started to now can sometimes be considered a dark horse. You are no longer chasing after the things you used to. You are letting so many things go and giving up your imagined control. You are accepting the storm and letting go of a lot of things most people would assume would make you happy - money, fame etc. Not that those things don’t matter at all, but they are not the centre of your life. Your family is. Your health is. Peace and happiness are. This would technically make you a dark horse. You have left the rat race. No one expects that you will win. But what they don’t know, and what you do, is that you already have.
— Meaghan Smith