Push  Pull  In  Out

To me, rise and fall is the Newfoundland ocean in sonic form. It’s powerful and rhythmic and so dangerous and stunningly beautiful. It’s freezing cold but it’s as warm as home. I can feel the ocean crashing and spewing water in the cymbal swells. I can feel the waves beating manically against the side of a boat in your bodhran drum. I can feel the fear and the excitement in your voice as you shout “Push! Pull! In! Out!” It’s like you’re the most alive when you’re the closest to death. Maybe that’s why Newfoundland is so beguiling. It’s a struggle to survive there. So living there is all the sweeter.

You are the whale. You are the hugest and strongest creature, but in comparison you are no match for the ocean waves. The interesting thing about that is that you need the ocean to survive. It sustains and it kills, sometimes in the same breath. It’s that moment when you realize that you can’t fight against it. So you let go and get carried away. But you are a whale and that will never change. You’ll always need the ocean. For all the beauty and pain it inspires, it’ll always be a part of you, and you will always be a part of it.
— Meaghan Smith