one chance to get it right...

I think out of all the songs on this album, “This Life Is An Ocean Of Love” has resonated with me the most deeply and the most personally.

My heart has been overtaken by the love I have for my new son who we named River. The first line of this song states, “A River runs slow, deeply and low, steady but never still.” This describes him perfectly. Moving along at his own pace, he learns and grows steadily, and each new moment he discovers a new thing. As he does, he becomes more and more independent of me.

”Like leaves in the wind, we shiver and spin blown without a will…” I am learning to let go. I have to let go. I am along for this ride. I’m not actually driving. It’s funny to think about it now, but I didn’t know that until River came along.

Then the beautiful chorus bursts open. “This Life is an Ocean of Love. Let every heart rise above.” Since the birth of River I have let go of so many expectations I had. Expectations of what my life should have been. The things in my life that used to be so important have taken a back seat to the love I feel for him and my new little family. Those other things are still meaningful to me, but in a different way now. I see things in a new light.

There’s a particularly beautiful line in the third verse. “In the wink of an eye, a lifetime goes by. One chance to get it right.” I think of this daily as my little River grows. He has just started to crawl. He inches his way along the floor, and it seems like he’s going so slow. But I know that in ten years I’ll look back and wonder where all the time went.

The choruses grow in vocal layers with harmonies enveloping the melody, like a prayer almost, filling a beautiful cathedral by the final round. The lyrics are so simple and true. But life is also a struggle. I fight with myself. Balancing everything can be such a challenge. I still want to prove myself, to be a good mother and a good artist and musician and wife. To be a good person. But the more I grow, the more I realize the importance of peace both outwardly and inwardly.

I wanted to paint two siamese fighting fish, peacefully swimming together. In reality they are very territorial and will viciously battle each other, sometimes to the death. But I wanted to depict them at peace. They are so beautiful with their gleaming red and blue fins and tails swirling together in the blackness of the deep water. They represent opposing sides. They are a fight that has been put to rest. A war that has ended in peace.

”This life is an Ocean of Love. Let every heart rise above,” is my prayer too.
— Meaghan Smith