Find Your Love and Free Your Soul

I wanted to tell the story of your dad’s brothers because it’s everybody’s story. We are all going to fade some day so we should make the most of it while we can. But it’s so sensitive and tender. When I go there, when I think about my parents, sisters and loved ones fading away from me, my heart hurts. I painted this because I also want to picture where someone goes when they leave this life. I want to see them content, going on to a beautiful place.

The ghost is standing by an open window. I wanted this to represent passage. He’s going on to a beautiful place. A perfect day, a beautiful summer fishing village. Even though he has skates slung over his shoulder, the song feels so warm to me, and it feels like the summer. Maybe there’s a way to skate in the summer in the next life.
— Meaghan Smith

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