I let myself get led off track...

Short and sweet, “You know I love You” is the epitome of simple sincerity. There’s a vulnerable tone to your voice in this song. You’re speaking it, from your soul to your other soul, the one this song is about. I think it’s one of the strongest songs in this collection. It’s deep. It’s vibrant. It’s alive. 
I wanted this painting to visually describe your intent in writing this. Open. Honest. Simple. Loving. True. You. You have no pretences, and nothing to hide. So you look unabashedly at the viewer, your blue eyes clear and strong.

On one version of the painting, we put a love heart candy over your mouth with the words, “You Know I Love You” inscribed on it. There’s something so innocent about Love Heart candies. Maybe it’s the sweet childhood memories we all have of them, speaking the words we were too shy to say, that bring up feelings of innocence and nostalgia. 

On the lapel of your suit is a lotus flower. Lotus flowers grow in muddy water, in ponds and bogs. But they must rise above all this murk in order to bloom. You’ve done that, and you allude to it in the bridge when you sing:

”I’ve done so many miles alone
I’ve learned some things I should have known
I let myself get led off track
But you keep me coming back.”

The lotus’ deep red hue is reflected in the background, signifying deep, intense, unsaturated love. Wrapped up in a darling melody, accompanied by a lilting fiddle, that’s the point of everything, isn’t it?

That’s it... it really is. 
— Meaghan Smith