About Séan

Séan McCann bought his first guitar in 1989 which he affectionately calls “Old Brown”. Old Brown has been around. He was there for the first song Séan ever wrote. He was there as Séan founded Great Big Sea, the acclaimed and multi-million album selling band that would change his life. He was there to hold Séan up many a night as he struggled with alcoholism, and he has been there to help guide Séan out of the darkness with music as his medicine. 

John Lennon once sang “You can live a lie until you die. One thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside.” After exiting the internationally renowned Newfoundland folk group and publicly admitting a secret past where he used alcohol to mask the pain of sexual abuse by a priest ; Séan stopped lying to himself. With his boys and his wife Andrea as his motivation, Séan found the courage to face his truth and overcome his demons. Today he continues his journey as a singer, songwriter, husband, father, and now a sought after speaker and mental health advocate, always with Old Brown by his side.

Séan's 2014 album “Help Your Self” was a battle cry; a line in the sand which announced that he was ready to start over again. It resonated with people in a way he never could have expected. The experience helped Séan understand that he wasn’t alone and that telling his story could help others as much as it helped him. His album, “You Know I Love You” (2015) was inspired by the love Séan found in sharing that story and his attempts to find connection in a world seduced by the false social media promise of real connectivity. The latest album, “There’s a Place”, is a collection of songs from a man who is determined to remain "face to face" when we are tempted to keep our eyes buried in our screens and the artificial light of this digital age. It is the story of a man freed from the weight of a lie; a man who is changing his narrative and never forgetting……that he is not alone.